MicroModal ® AIR

A patent has been filed for the new and finest microfiber on the basis of Modal and it is now the fiber innovation in the lingerie sector. Test quantities of this, the finest Modal fiber, are currently being produced at the Austrian headquarters. The further processing of the fiber continues together with customers. Yarns can be produced on high-performance spinning machines with a count of up to 225 Nm.

Applications for MicroModal ® AIR

The main applications for the MicroModal® AIR fiber are in knitwear. With MicroModal® AIR even finer knit fabrics can be produced. Thus lingerie becomes even more luxurious. In general, the Modal standard fiber is used in the knitwear sector and the fiber innovation MicroModal® AIR will further reinforce this segment. Manufacturers now have recourse to a wide range of different Modal fibers from Lenzing

MicroModal® AIR – a fiber with unbeatable properties

The new microfiber has all the well-known positive properties of the standard micro Modal® fiber from Lenzing. However, it is even finer and much more tender than its sister fiber. MicroModal® is also soft, cosy, and pleasant to wear next to the skin Likewise, naturalness is at the heart of each and every MicroModal® AIR fiber. Lenzing Modal® fibers are made from beech wood and are manufactured using eco-friendly technology. Valuable by-products, which occur when making fibers, are recovered and put to further use