Human Resources and Employee Policy

Since its inception, Karsu has always given importance and priority to its employees’ honest and trustworthy work, as a second family, to be protected by the workplace, to protect the workplace as a family, to be open to learning, and to be experienced.

For this purpose, Karsu Tekstil will carefully follow a fair career policy that attaches importance and priority to training in the workplace, motivation, creating a fair wage system, fair sharing of burdens and blessings, loyalty to ethical values, ability and performance.

Our Employee Profile

KARSU Textile currently employs a total of 445 personnel, 18 managers, 16 engineers, 5 technicians, 30 masters, 29 civil servants and 347 workers.

Do you want to work with us?

Please send your detailed CV to to the Human Resources department in order to be able to know you better.