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Lenzing® FR viscose is made by Lenzing® Fibers, the largest producer of viscose fibers in the world, and is a cellulosic fiber which has a flame retardant pigment built into the fiber during the fiber spinning stage.

Lenzing™ FR branded fibers offer protection from burns, heat stress, and heat stroke caused by flash fires, electric arcs, and other thermal hazards. Made from wood, a natural raw material, the fibers inherently protect from heat and flame. Worldwide, Lenzing™ FR fibers set the quality standard among flame resistant wood-based fibers. Only Lenzing™ FR fibers are produced with the sustainable Lenzing Modal® fiber technology. This process results in the highest fiber strength with permanent flame and heat protection built in.

The heat protection fiber

Lenzing™ FR fibers are high-performance wood-based cellulose fibers. Due to their natural properties and incorporated heat protection, the fibers are used for protective clothing that must perform in extreme conditions.

Protection from multiple sources of heat

Lenzing™ FR fibers offer protection from heat stress and burns caused by fire, radiant heat, electric arcs, liquid metals, and flammable liquids. The secret of outstanding heat protection resides in the fibers themselves! Even after massive exposure to flames, no heat is stored in the fiber and it immediately feels cool. Mannequin tests demonstrate that protective clothing made of Lenzing™ FR fibers do not shrink when exposed to flames and protects the skin from burns better than other protective clothing materials.

Lenzing™ FR fibers – offer protection from;
  • Fire
  • Radiant heat
  • Electric arcs
  • Molten metal
  • Flammable liquids