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Core Spun


Chromaticity / DYED

Twaron ® is the leading para-aramid fiber produced by Teijin and is a high-performance man-made fiber. The paracrystalline structure in which the molecular chains are oriented along the fiber axis enables Twaron ® to combine a variety of properties and to be one of the leading man-made fibers on the market. It is used in roughly the same applications as Kevlar ® and Technora ®.


High Strength

Twaron ® fibers have a tensile strength that is two times higher than that of high-strength polyester and polyamide yarns and five times higher than that of steel on a weight-to-weight basis.


High Modulus

Twaron ® is superior to nylon and polyester in terms of modulus and melting point.


High Dimensional Stability

Twaron ® fibers demonstrate exceptional dimensional stability, a property that is appreciated in various industries and applications.


Heat, Cut, and Chemical Resistance

It survives short-term exposures to extreme temperatures without significant mass loss. Twaron ® can further be used as heat-resistant material in conditions with up to 250°C and can be exposed to most chemicals without major degradation.


No Melting and Low Flammability

One of the remarkable properties of Twaron ® is that it does not burn or melt.



Twaron ® fibers are non-conductive.