Our Integrated System Policies

Our Quality Policy

Karsu Tekstil is committed to fulfill the applicable conditions and ensure the continuity of these circumstances in order to maintain its leadership in the field of natural and regenerative fiber processing by working with its stakeholders, by supporting and continuously improving the strategic direction of the integrated management system in accordance with the objective and context of the organization, by taking customer satisfaction into consideration.

Karsu has been adopted as quality policy by continuing to sign innovations and principles with research studies to expand its product range.

Our Occupational Health, Occupational Safety and environmental policy is to determine the dangers in advance and to ensure the health and safety of our employees, who are the most valuable resources in our workplace.

The aim of Occupational Health and Safety is to take precautions against loss, accident or damage risks and to reduce the risks within the scope of environmental protection principles.

KARSU undertakes to comply with all national laws and regulations regarding environmental and occupational health and safety issues, to act in line with international standards, to improve continuously by increasing environmental performance in order to achieve environmental objectives.

Main Objectives

– to achieve success and to educate employees on occupational health & safety and environmental issues for continuous improvement.

– to provide the necessary equipment for occupational health and safety,

– Using natural resources such as raw materials, energy, fuel and water in the most efficient way possible and increasing sustainable resource utilization,

– to remove wastes formed as a result of their activities in a controlled manner and in accordance with their characteristics, to ensure the evaluation of wastes that are recyclable, to prevent pollution, to contribute in order to reduce climate change and to ensure adaptation, to contribute to the protection of biological diversity and ecosystem.

All KARSU A.Ş. employees are responsible for the health, safety and protection of the environment. Assigned managers are obliged to increase the reputation of the public in our company by ensuring that this policy is implemented in its own units, ensuring the continuity of the management system and improving our performance on these issues.

Human Resources and Employee Policy

Since its inception, Karsu has always given importance and priority to its employees’ honest and trustworthy work, became as a second family, to be protected by the workplace, to protect the workplace as a family, to be open to learning, and to be experienced.

To this end, it strictly observes training in the workplace, enhancing motivation, creating a fair wage system, equitable sharing of burdens and blessings, commitment to ethical values, and a fair career policy that places importance and priority on performance and performance.