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Core Spun


Chromaticity / DYED

Trevira offers a comprehensive range of special fiber types for ring yarn, woollen yarn, worsted and cotton spinning, as well as for nonwovens.

Fields of application extend from home and contract textiles, apparel and hygiene to technical applications.

Low-pill fibers


This fiber can be processed with no difficulty into woven and knitted yarns using all current spinning processes – either by itself or in blends with natural and other man-made fibers.

Available in: batches, worsted//converter top and tow for conversion by cutting.

Flame retardant fibers


Permanently flame retardant modified fibers with round section for ring yarn, worsted, woollen-spun and rotary spinning, and as fill fiber and for nonwoven applications. Can also be supplied in an antimicrobial version.

Antimicrobial fibers


Permanently antimicrobial modified fibers for all fields of application.

Bicomponent fibers


A fiber type consisting of a combination of two different raw materials (e.g. polyester/ polyethene); for thermally bonded nonwovens.

Special fibers for hydro-entanglement


Special fibers for hydroentangled nonwovens for use in hygiene articles and technical applications.