Viloft® is a sustainable viscose fiber engineered to give a maximum level of comfort in apparel.

Viloft® is the only flat viscose fiber in the world. The unique shape of the fibers increases the fiber surface by more than 50% and changes the structure of the yarn. This gives fabrics containing Viloft® their special properties.

  • Softness: Flat fibers are more flexible give additional softness.
  • Hygiene: Viloft ® quickly absorbs moisture from the skin and retards the growth of bacteria in a natural way.
  • Breathability: Viloft® yarns consist 70% of air. Fabrics containing Viloft® feel light and re breathable.
  • Dry Feeling: Viloft ® quickly absorbs moisture from the skin. This gives a comfortable dry feeling.
  • Natural Origin: Viloft® is made of natural resources and is 100% biodegradable.
Is Viloft® natural and ecological?


Viloft® is made of FSC® certified wood pulp. The FSC® seal guarantees, that only wood from sustainably managed plantations is used. Viloft® is suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

Viloft® is 100% biodegradable. Compared to cotton, the production of Viloft® requires only a small fraction of the water consumption and land use. No herbicides or pesticides are necessary.

Viloft® is certified according to the OEKO- TEX Standard 100 class 1. This guarantees that Viloft® contains no toxic substances and is suitable for baby products.