Naturalness, High Tensile Strength, Color Fastness, Flexibility, Brightness, Comfort

Tencel™, a kind of regenerated cellulose-based fiber, represents high tenacity against intensive mechanical processes.

Tencel™ has the ability to breath. It transfers humidity very well, and it does not cause any discomfort in case of perspiration. It keeps its brightness and colour even after several times of washing.

In addition to its high absorbing capacity, it is easy to get the soft and stretching handle from Tencel™ products. Fiber distention and fiber modulus should be considered while composing fabric construction from Tencel™ yarns. High modulus and strength might mean that Tencel™ fibers will not easily distort in the fabric and will regain their original shapes and positions.

Tencel™ has three different types called
  • Tencel™ Standard
  • Tencel™ A100
  • Tencel™ LF


The fibrillation feature of the Tencel™ Standard contributes to the fabric appearance and handle. The smooth handle of the fabric, thanks to this fibrillation feature, has known as ‘peach skin effect’ in the textile industry.

Tencel™ A100 and Tencel™ LF has been developed for customers who want to benefit from the characteristics of Tencel™, such as brightness, naturalness, high wet and dry tensile strength, but believe that the peach skin effect is not appropriate for their products. Tensile strength and modulus of Tencel™ A100 and Tencel™ LF are 10 percent lower than Tencel™ Standard. However, these types absorb water more easily than standard type does due to their open structure.

It is possible to blend and dye Tencel™ fiber with other fiber types.

However, in Tencel™/cotton blend dying,  a light/dark effect appears instead of a homogeneous colour,  as Tencel™ is dyed darker compared to cotton.

Tencel™ provides perfect colour fastness and brightness, which have great importance, particularly in outerwear.

  • Tencel™ BLENDS;
  • Tencel™ Standard
  • Tencel™ A100
  • Tencel™ LF
  • MicroTencel™
  • Tencel™ LF / Combed Cotton
  • Tencel™ / Wool
  • Tencel™ Antibacterial