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Aramid also is known as Aromatic Polyamide are mainly artificial powerful fibers and considered as composite materials. Specific Tensile Strength of Aramid Fibers is 5 times greater than Steel Products.

Because of their pervasive Thermal Expansion Coefficient, Aramid Fabric is beneficial for human atmospheres where high-temperature propagation is essential. Aramid fiber was rapidly tested when it emerged in 1970 and used to reduce weight in comparison to composites reinforced with glass fiber. Aramid fiber is now well known for its general uses in making a variety of highly durable and heat resistant materials.


Some general characteristics that distinguish Aramids from other synthetic fibers are listed below:

  • High Durability
  • High melting point (500 ° c above)
  • Good tear resistance
  • Organic solvents-away
  • Light Weight and High Strength
  • Non-conductive
  • Heat Resistant
  • Low Flammability
  • Flame Retardant
  • High Temperature
  • Reliable Fabrics
  • Low elasticity at Breaking Point

There are basically two main types of Aramid Fibers: Meta-Aramid and Para-Aramid



Meta-Aramid possesses excellent heat stability, electric insulation, chemical stability and radiation resistance.
These fibers are flame-retardant and stop burning of their own accord after the flame has been taken out. Meta-aramids are highly resistant to many solvents, acids and lyes. Anti-static components (carbon or steel fiber) are added to Meta-Aramid in order to avoid static charging. Some of the main end-uses for Meta Aramids are protective clothing, hot gas filtration and electrical insulation.



Para-Aramid fibers possess a superior potency, five times more formidable when compared with steel, modest loss of durability through prolonged abrasion, stretching and flexing. It possesses a superb dimensional resistance. This fiber offers not just exceptional intensity and high modulus but at the same time the superior level of resistance to heat and impact. These qualities make it possible for the material to serve in a diverse number of uses which include tyres, rubber or latex goods, fiber-optic cable, friction material, protective clothing, construction and building reinforcement, composite materials and many other areas.

Para Aramids are used as a substitute to replace asbestos in brake and clutch linings, tyres reinforcement, as well as in composites such as materials for the aeroplane, boats, and high-end automobiles and sports supplies. Members of police and military services wear anti-ballistic outfits made from Para-Aramid materials.


Aramid Yarns and threads for Weaving, Knitting and Sewing are guaranteed of extreme technical performances in tenacity, abrasion, resistance to temperature, UV and chemical resistance. The transformation of yarns, available in a standard and tested range, starting from fibers of the best quality, developed and implemented on the specific needs and applications of customers up to the creation of exclusive yarns.


  • Concrete reinforcement
  • Medical
  • Packing and seals
  • Protecting Clothes, Cut and abrasion resistant Gloves
  • Manholes
  • Conveyor belts for the glass industry
  • Automotive
  • Military ballistic vests and helmets
  • Industrial Yarns, Threads for Woven and Knitted Fabrics