Social Responsibility

KARSU TEXTILE continues its social service responsibility as well as its rightful success in the industry

Arif Molu Technical High School

Arif Molu Anatolian Technical and Vocational High School, which was built by Karsu Textile, started training in 1989 and has continuously increased the quality of education that has been preserved since the beginning of the day.

The school, which aims to raise good and productive people, in particular, to be qualified and qualified, has two main orientations besides this. First one is to educate high quality human and qualified personnel who are educated in Kayseri, which is an industrial region in particular, and the second is to make them more equipped by providing opportunities for students who want to make a higher education in their branches.

Arif Molu Anatolian Technical and Industrial Vocational High School is a qualified educational institution that responds to the needs of the region and continually enhances the quality of education with the education and technical qualities of Karsu Tekstil Sanayi. In the school, there are machinery, levelling, weaving, yarn, dye-finishing, textile, chemistry and computer departments in consideration of regional needs.


Mürüvvet Molu Emergency Service

In addition to its rightful success in the industry, KARSU TEKSTİL continued its responsibility for social work and helped to eliminate an important deficiency of Kayseri Social Insurance institution Hospital and assumed a modern emergency service construction and technical assistance within SSK hospital on behalf of the Mother of the members of the Board of Directors , the founder of Karsu Textile Company and the wife of Arif Molu.


Dr.Sait Molu Emergency Service

Erciyes University Medical Faculty Emergency Department has been serving Kayseri and Central Anatolia since1968. Dr Sait Molu Emergency Service started its service in May 1996, This building has been done with modernization and renovation works by us has been able to provide many services for 22 years. After our social responsibility project, which is the biggest emergency service of Kayseri and Central Anatolia, has been launched;

  • Increased number of patients,
  • Patient care quality rise,
  • There have been developments in the comfort of staff working.


While 18,469 patients were admitted in 1990, the number of patients admitted in 2000 was 39,440.